Dog Molar Toothbrush Toys

$19.99 $23.99

Material: Suction cup squeaker sticks, made of absolutely non-toxic natural rubber TPR, soft texture, environmentally friendly, this soft chew toy will not hurt the dog's teeth and gums when you play for a long time, and it will easily erode on biting fragments. (But please note that any chew toy cannot be used continuously. Please remember to replace it regularly for hygiene purposes)

Perfect and Durable Design: Dogs can clean their teeth deeply while playing with cactus. The grooves are strong enough to remove soft stones and plaques in hard-to-reach corners when chewing and bring back fresh breath, thus increasing the brushing surface and maximizing the brushing effect. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor chewing training. Recommended by a veterinarian.

Relieves stress: When dogs are left alone, they will use furniture to make bites. They really need this cactus in the cactus chew to protect your furniture from damage. Chew toys can keep them entertained for a few minutes or hours, and reduce separation anxiety and stress during separation.

Easy to use: You can insert food snacks or pet toothpaste into the hole to attract the puppies and let them chew on the toy for a few minutes or hours. But it should be cleaned regularly before or after use.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Toys Type: Chew Toys
  • Set Type: NO
  • Material: Rubber

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