LED Light Nail Trimmer for Animals Pet


Product Description:

Dog & cat nail clippers are made of high-quality 2mm thick stainless steel with sharp blades that will remain sharp for years to come with pressure-free, smooth, fast, and sharply reduced capabilities. Powerful enough to clip your pets nails with just one-step cut, quickly and cleanly.


  •  PAINLESS NAIL CLIPPER: Trim your pet's nail safely and painless! Bright LED Illuminated light and 5X magnification show the nail's blood line clearly, so you can trim in the right spot without any hurt!
  • CLEAN CUTS :High-quality titanium steel cutter head is high-strength, sharp and durable, and the cutter head can be replaced and reused.it will stay sharp for years to come for stress-free, smooth, quick and sharp cuts.
  • SUITABLE FOR: Great pet care tool for cats and dogs! A strong, lightweight and handheld pet claw trimmer you can trust!

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