Leash with Built-in Water Bottle



not only a leash, it’s also a holder of every essential your pet needs to stay accommodated! Instead of carrying a bunch of essentials, you can only take one that fills in the rest.

As you carry Leash you also hold a blow, a water container, and a waste bag dispenser. Using it, you can spend a wholesome day out with your buddy, without neglecting its needs.

Leash is made for you as well, we’ve optimized the strength and flexibility of the leash to give you easy control over your unpredictable pet. Leash is everything you and your best friend need to stay inseparable!


  • Unburden yourself - LuckyLeash frees your hands from carrying your pet’s essentials so the walks can get comfortable for both of you!
  • Make wellbeing a priority - Your friends will love you, even more, when you make sure they have something to drink on your long walks.
  • Never lose control- The bungee leash takes the pressure off sudden leaps to optimize comfort and give you control over your energetic dog!
  • LuckyLeash is the ultimate choice- Everything you need to spend a pleasant day out with your furry friend you can find when using LuckyLeash!


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