Funny Simulation Pet Dog Toys For Small Dogs


Product Description:

Built-in sounder, when squeezing it will make a BB sound, and the dog will make a sound when it bites.
The owner is more assured that it does not hurt the dog for its molar plush cloth, comfortable and soft fabric, good taste, bite-resistant.
There are multiple food shape like beef, sausage, chicken leg, chicken wing, beef bone and shrimp for selection, which looks cute and attractive.


  • With this toy, it's able to replace you for your accompany with your pets to solve their boredom and the pet won't have time to scratch your furniture.
  • Made of high quality plush materials, nontoxic and safe for pets.
  • Realistic shape is fun and able to attract dogs, letting them want to play.
  • You can play with your pets to build a closer relationship with them.

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