Dogs Protective Collar

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Comfortable and comfortable: This PRIMENS dog recovery collar is a dog cone alternative that would prevent your pet from licking the lnjurеd areas. Our collar works as a barrier around your dog's neck that would prevent them from scratching and biting places they shouldn't. With this collar on, your pet won't get lnjuriеs on the leg, torso, or rear area, so they won't be able to break stitches or introduce an lnfесtiоn into the wоund. Guarantee a faster recovery for your pet with our inflatable collar.

Great product: This dog cone collar is designed to be comfortable for the canine to ensure a smooth recovery. This inflatable dog collar will allow your canine to avoid restriction of vision, movement, play, eating, drinking, or sleeping during the waiting period. This unit isn't bulky, so your pet won't have a hard time fitting into smaller spaces like their crate. The cover is made of soft and pleasant to the touch fabric that does not chafe or rub the canine's skin.

Variety of sizes:  From a small dog or cat to a giant Great Dane or similar breed, we have the right PRIMES inflatable collar for you to offer. Whether you need a small soft dog cone collar to make your Spitz hеаling easier, a donut collar for cats to help your feline recover after surgery faster, or cones for large dogs, PRIMENS provides a wide variety of sizes so you can find the one that best fits your pet.

High adjustability: Sometimes standard sizes don't fit, but it doesn't mean your pet will end up with a flimsy dog ​​recovery collar that could easily show up. Our PRIMENS inflatable collar is equipped with adjustable straps that allow simple and quick adjustments to guarantee a perfect neck fit. Plus, there are loops that allow you to attach a regular collar so you don't have to give up walks when your pet is recovering.


  • Type: Collars
  • Type: Dogs
  • Season: All seasons
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Name: dog collar
  • Material: Short Plush + PVC
  • Material: Short Plush + PVC
  • Feature: Personalized

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