Cat Scratching Ball Toy

$25.99 $31.99

Brings Cats Joy: Cats' favorite toy, brings them joy, can also sharpen cat's claws. Practical, environmentally friendly, space-saving, multifunctional, small and compact, does not take up too much space.

Attract Cat's Attention: Attract your cats to play. Protect your furniture from scratches and satisfy the cat's natural scratching instinct. Characteristics: Natural wood goes very well with modern family furniture.

2 installation methods: L-shape and V-shape can be changed at will, easy to operate. Made of solid wood material and sisal rope material, recyclable, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant.

High quality: Well-designed according to the habits of cats, the base of the triangular frame is designed to support a sisal ball, which is stable and difficult to spill so that cats cannot be injured and safer when playing with this toy.

Furniture Protection: Your cat can easily grind its paws, prevent the cat from scratching your floor, sofa, cushions and furniture.


  • Type: cats
  • Material: Wood

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