Cat Bathing Bag

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MUTI-FUNCTIONAL: Cat grooming bag ideal for bathing, trimming nails, taking medication, cleaning teeth and ears, taking eye drops, examinations, and injections which makes it simple to take care of your cats and puppies.
EASY TO USE: The cat bathing bag is made with adjustable straps and loose-fitting zippers that make it simple for the cat to wear. The cat can feel comfortable and maintain its composure with the adjustable rope, allowing you to change the tension. With the aid of this cat shower bag, you can easily bathe your cat at home, and you won't need to pay extra to take your cat to the groomer. This will make your cat feel cozy and at ease.

HIGH QUALITY: Cats won't feel uncomfortable using this cat bathing bag because it is made of a soft, breathable polyester mesh that is also sturdy, scratch- and bite-resistant, and has excellent air permeability.

BITE AND SCRATCH RESISTANT: There are no gaps in a cat's body-covering cat grooming bag. Cat restraint bag, scratch-resistant, bite-resistant, durable; strong air permeability, easy to drain and dry. You can choose to wrap your cat's limbs or stretch them out. 

CREATIVE DESIGN: Front and back drawstring prevent cat teeth, front and rear claws stick out to scratch people. Middle drawstring for better fit,  zipper allows you to release one paw at a time, and easily clean paws and cut nails. Also suitable for big cat.



  • type: Cat Bathing Bag
  • application 7: Pet bath / Shower
  • application 6: Clean ears
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Type: cats
  • Material: Other
  • Item Type: Other
  • Features 9: Pet Products
  • Features 8: Cat Grooming Supplies
  • Features 7: Cats Washing Bags
  • Features 6: Cat Grooming Bathing Bag

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