Ball Sucker Toy



This cat toy is made of plastic material, which is light and resistant to fall and not easy to breakBuilt-in small balls: The built-in table tennis in the pet track sucker toy is carefully designed and has flexibility. The small balls will roll up along the track when the cat touches it lightly, which arouses the cat’s curiosity and makes the cat play until it can’t stop


  • The cat toys' design of the elbow is beautiful and fashionable. The curved and smooth lines of the kitten toy are carefully polished without burrs and will not harm the cat
  • The toy's plastic suction cup has a strong adsorption capacity and can be firmly adhered to the wall or glass without affecting the integrity and appearance of the wall. Adding water to the suction cup can increase the fixed time
  • Your cat will love to play this track sucker toy. Hurry up and buy a toy for your kitten, if you have any questions, please contact us in time

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