Washable Pee Pads for Dogs

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30"x36" Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs; Also Ideal for Training Puppy Pads, Crate Liners, Whelping Box for Dogs and Other Small Pets (3-Pack)


  • REUSABLE vs DISPOSABLE: We love our pets and we love our earth! Disposables pee pads are a one-time use that goes straight to the landfill. Reusable potty pads for dogs make the most sense if you want to help keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill like us. We salute you for thinking green.
  • 500 WASH DURABILITY: Our washable pee pads have incredible durability to withstand more than 500 washes which means one of our reusable pee pads replace more than 500 disposables. Our pads are also highly resistant to rips, tears or fragmenting reducing the chance of being accidently consumed by your pet.
  • THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER: Is stepping in doo doo something you like to do? Yeah, neither do we! That's why we use neutral solid colors on our washable pee pads. Our pee pads blend with your furniture, not with the messes your doggie makes on them so you see the dark spots before you find them with your foot! That's a plus. You're welcome.
  • WATERPROOF & MORE: Our washable puppy pads are 100% waterproof and hold up to 1 full gallon of liquid so you can be confident that your furniture or flooring are protected. Constructed of 4 layers of commercial grade textile that features 2 absorbent layer on the top, a waterproof 3rd layer and the anti-slip 4th layer on the bottom.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you purchase a 3-pack of Bougie Pets 30"X36" washable pee pads and are not 100% satisfied with their performance, we will refund your entire purchase amount. No questions asked.

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