Semi-enclosed Pet Bed

$70 $87

Best Pet Bed: The bottom of the fluffy dog ​​and cat bed has a nice firm and thick padding and has little rubber dots on the bottom to keep it from sliding on the floor. The dog has plenty of support without hitting the hard ground. Fluffy cat bed.

Semi-closed: The semi-closed design makes the bed not only breathable and windproof but also keeps you warm all the time. Perfect for curly pets.

Super Comfort: Filled with air fibers for dogs and cats and soft and warm pet blanket is ideal for pets who like to snuggle. The dog sleeps much more soundly, less grumpy while you sleep. This bed of donuts is better than any anxiety medication. !

EASY TO CLEAN, MACHINE WASHABLE: Our pet beds are easy to clean. Machine Washable We suggest washing in cold water and tumble dry low to avoid knots.

Anti-slip: The bottom of the bed is equipped with a non-slip thick black rubber patch. Provide better stability, and your pet can safely play and rest on the bed even on smooth ground.


  • Type: cats
  • Material: Coral Fleece
  • Item Type: Beds
  • Feature: comfortable soft warm

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