Natural Grinding Stone for Small Pets


MAINTAINS PETS TEETH AND PREVENTS OVERGROWTH:  Throughout a pocket pet's life, their teeth continue to grow. As a good small pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your furry friend's teeth are trimmed. A quick, easy, and fun way to care for his teeth is by providing your pet with Meric's amazingly beneficial lava rock grinding stones.

Keeps claws smooth and trim: While your little pet is playing with the Meric grinding stones, they are also sharpening and smoothing their claws. These lava rock cubes fit perfectly on your pet's paws so her nails are trimmed while she happily nibbles on her treat. This means less time and energy spent trimming claws and doing nail maintenance.

RICH IN BENEFICIAL CALCIUM:  Unlike wooden or synthetic toys, Meric grinding stones have the added benefit of being rich in calcium. When your pet gnaws on volcanic lava cubes, he ingests beneficial calcium. This element is known to aid in the growth of strong teeth and is essential for proper bone development.

PERFECT FOR SMALL PETS:  At 1.6" x 1.6" x 1.6" in size, Meric's Lava Rocks are ideal for small pets and rodents. Hamsters benefit significantly from chew toys. Furry friends like rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs also enjoy playing with the delicious and fun treats.

GREAT GIFT FOR PET LOVERS:  Practical and affordable, the Meric 6-Pack Pocket Pet Grinding Stones are a great gift idea for the pet lover in your life. Along with family and friends who are proud pet parents, animal adoption centers and rescue societies also appreciate such a thoughtful and useful gift.


  • For: Guinea Pig, Hamster ,Rabbit
  • Small Pet Supplies: Teeth Grinding Stone
  • Size: 3cm, 5cm
  • SKU: DM6456
  • Material: Natural Mineral

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