Bone-Shaped dog teeth Cleaning Toy

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Dog Chew Toy & Dog Teething Toys: Dog bones are made from natural rubber. Unique rubber bone design is more helpful for teeth cleaning. Chew this bone stick to help clean teeth (dental calculus) and control plaque and tartar, effectively promoting oral health and helping to reduce discomfort during teething. As with all rubber toys, a dog can chip off very small pieces and leave marks on the chew toy. And you can swallow small pieces of the broken ones. It must pass through safely.

Dog Chew Bones for Long Lasting Aggressive Chewers: This large breed dog chew toy is strong enough to chew. This product has passed a number of professional bite resistance testing equipment, and a variety of dogs participated in the test. Specially designed for strong, large, heavy, aggressive, and almost indestructible chewers.

SAFE NATURAL RUBBER WITH BEEF FLAVOR: The large dog chew bones are made of natural rubber, which is non-toxic and bites resistant, the elastic material will not become brittle or break in half when bitten by dogs. The chew toy has an irresistible beef aroma, it can satisfy your dog's natural chewing instinct while ensuring the dog's health. It is a good birthday gift for your baby.

INTERACTIVE TOYS FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS: This dog toy is an ideal interactive toy for playing and retrieving. Safe natural rubber with beef flavor can excite your pet and extend play time. You can also apply a thin layer of treatment paste such as peanut butter flavor or beef gravy. Chewing helps release the dog's instincts, reduce boredom, release excess energy, and control and reduce destructive behavior. savior.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Toys Type: Chew Toys
  • Material: Rubber

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