Pet Travel Pooper Scooper

$34 $42

CONVENIENT: Reusable with disposable bags included. Dog waste goes straight in the waste bag! Keep your hand's clean while cleaning after your dog.

EXPANDABLE SIDE FOR LARGE MESSES: Great for picking up a waste of all shapes and sizes from all surfaces. Also makes cleaning up dead rodents or other unwelcome guests easy.

EASY TO USE: Attaches easily to leashes, strollers, and belts with included clip.

EFFECTIVE: Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands. Simply cover scoop jaws with a plastic bag and avoid the sensation of picking up any animal waste.


  • Usage: Clean
  • Support Drop Ship: YES
  • Ship to Spain: 1-10 days or less
  • Ship to German: 5-10 days or less
  • Ship to France: 1-10 days or less
  • Dog Litter Item Type: Pooper Scoopers & Bags

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