Bite Resistant Knot Toy



Bite and wear resistant, cute shape, bringing much pleasure to your pet.
You can throw it away and let your dog bring it back, a perfect interactive toy.
Made of eco-friendly cotton rope, nontoxic, colorfast, doing no harm to your pet.
Can grind and clean dog's teeth, as well as help the development of the jaw muscles.
The size of a pet toy (30cm length) makes it easy to throw and convenient to carry.


  • Made up cotton and resistance to bite material, it will be reliable and make your pet happy.
  • It can be able to clean dirt in teeth when pets playing, keep teeth clean and it will decrease disease to pets.
  • You can use these toys accompany with your pets to play games and bringing you closer together.
  • When you are outside leave your dog alone at home, those toys can attract your pets' attention and you don't worry they will destroy your sofa.


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