Dog Poop Bag Dispenser


Upgraded with Brighter LED Light and Durable Switch Button: Our flashlight poop bag holder is ultra bright and longer range and the switch will no longer be easily pressed or broken. You can stay relaxed when you walk your dogs at night and don't worry about stepping on dog poop or getting scared in a dark park or neighborhood.

Upgraded with handle design on the back and 2 hook and loop closures: hang used poop bags through the handle of the dog bag holder, before you find a garbage can. You can also put the wide clasp through the handle to fix the dog poop bag dispenser on the leash rope, and the thin clasp to hang the poop bag holder on the key chain, leash or lead handle so that You can use the flashlight hands-free.

Upgraded with Teeth Design for Easy Tearing of Bags and Cute Look: You can tear off poop bags even with one hand with our leash poop bag dispenser. Our dog waste bags are leak-proof and lavender scented, easy to dispense with clean tear points and a mini hole for teeth to get stuck in, size: 13" x 8.7", large enough to hold dog poop several dogs at the same time.

Improved Sturdy Keyring with Lock and Tighter Swivel: It won't fall off the leash or lead or untwist no matter how fast you and the dogs run. It is a stylish and essential accessory for walking the dog.

Ready to use and first-class customer service: This poop bag holder for strap comes with 3 LR44 1.5V batteries. Don't forget to remove the insert on the battery cover to activate the battery, change the batteries first if it doesn't work. We are responsible sellers, please feel free to contact us for the product warranty of dog poop bag holder.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Toys Type: Other
  • Set Type: YES
  • Quantity: 1pcs
  • Material: Plastic

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